How to spot a fake truck driver job post on social media

There is a growing trend of job scams in which scammers post fake truck driver job adverts on social media and put a non-existent email, website or landline number then they put their cellphone number.

Their aim is for a job seeker to contact them on the cellphone, the fake email, website or landline is just to fool job hunters into believing they are a genuine company.

Please, before you go rush to call someone on their cellphone for an advertised post just be wary of these scams.

They even offer to push your CV to the top or reserving the post for you when you don’t even know them.

We get several requests to post on their behalf on our social media platforms but before we post we verify. This, however, may not be the case with other platforms who post without verifying hence this warning.

After refusing to post for them we see the posts surface on other platforms.

Some of the scammers gather information about a company before they offer fake truck driver jobs pretending they work at the company.

So many people were scammed last year by one scammer who used the name of a guy who worked at Free State trucking company’s recruitment department.

Before you share a job post on social media, please ensure it’s legitimate, because if it’s not it means you have just helped a scammer reach an audience that he may not have been able to reach.

How to spot a fake truck driver job scam

1. When applying for jobs advertised online and on social media, first to read through the job description and specification and ensure the contact number and company name supplied are legitimate.

2. Always look up the company online before you apply.

3. If someone tells you you have been shortlisted for a job you haven’t applied for, this is a red flag as you cannot be shortlisted for something you haven’t even applied for.

4. Remember that sending your CV to someone, gives them access to important personal information which, in the wrong hands, can be very detrimental and even lead to identity fraud. Before you send your CV, make sure their company is legitimate.

5. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So, beware of people who guarantee you a job in exchange for money.

6. When looking for a job, use legitimate platforms such as PNET, Careers24, Indeed and SA Trucker Jobs as recruiters and companies that advertise vacancies on these platforms are vetted and also pay to advertise.

7. Recruitment agencies DO NOT charge a candidate to assist them with finding a job.

8. Before uploading your CV to websites, ensure these are trusted and legitimate.

If you still find yourself with questions not answered here please check our Frequently Asked Questions  page or Contact Us for more information.

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